Mission: 100% LATOKEN trading features available in MT5

Mission description: Enable customers to access LATOKEN assets via Metatrader 5 and provide liquidity to LATOKEN from ECN.

Main performance number: Trading Uptime

Second performance number: Latency

Third performance number: Daily Trading Volume


• New products : Build MT5 offering for the clients: integrate with LATOKEN platform via FIX/REST for various instruments.

• Production Stability : Address production outages on priority and arrange appropriate fixes.

• Reduce expenses : Develop liquidity provision from ECN into LATOKEN order book in cooperation with trading desk

• Low Latency : Give sub-millisecond roundtrip latency for trading operations, zero downtime.

• Happy Traders : Provide high-quality support to clients both directly and through client support managers.

• Architecture : Map architecture, use for onboarding and making responsibility domains clear.

Requirement skills and experience:

-Strong skills in C++ (3+ years)

-Experience in FIX, ECN, MT4\MT5 integrations

-5+ years of development of high-load, low-latency, high throughput trading systems.

-Have an architectural vision of high load trading systems.

-Strong work ethics, take responsibility for results, transparent problem-solver.