LATOKEN’s mission is to put financial life at fingertips. So everybody can use money to build and be a stakeholder of the future.

We are doing it to free people’s potential with the economic freedom to own and manage assets and money free of bureaucracy and corruption. So people can access money for their health, education, productivity, assets, and investments to become stakeholders of mankind's future. This economic freedom can be spread with the adoption of cryptocurrency and assets worldwide.

Unit: Development
Unit Mission: Rocksolid platform for plug-in products
Role: Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


  • MissionToStories. Any developer should know how their today's Story changes the financial system in 5 years, so they know why to do an extraordinary effort. Make teamwide discussions and voting of backlog priorities.
  • RockSolid. Uptime and security are your main product.
  • PlugInProducts. Develop company and team-wide architecture, protocols, principles and microservices so teams can build features fast, talk the same language and reuse features and functions.
  • PrioritiesBacklog. Any developer should know how to make a critical hit and break the wall of traction with a single bullet - the well defined and prioritized story Developers should know their potential backlog for a year.
  • BuildUpTeam. Hire and train top talent with inspiring and stretching stories, OKRs, and missions. Ensure teammates know how they grow with us and are excited about it.
  • RaiseSuccessors. Promote leads for raising their successors which have greater potential than their supervisor. Including your role.
  • RaiseTheBar. Reward motivated achievers hitting the targets, building scrum processes, protocols, principles, and culture, and lay off laggards.
  • MentorForBest. Detect slowing performance and mentor to find a greater solution and hit the target.
  • ShiftBenchmarks. Know and beat the best practices in crypto exchanges and trading product development. Demand it from others.
  • BuildVision. Give a meaning. Be a proactive visionary leader encouraging others to think big and envision the future.
  • AssaultImpediments. Ensure standups and sprints are assaults on impediments. Remove people unwilling to make their performance and impediments transparent.
  • FocusResponsibility. Ensure teammates know their mission, responsibility areas, and grow to perfection in understanding the client experience and technology.
  • ClientsFirst. Be the client of the product you are building and ensure the teammates are. Test yourself. Know client pains and competitors' killing features.


  • 4+ team lead experience in a top tier IT company or 2+ years of CTO experience in well-known startup.
  • Skills to build a client-oriented development team.
  • Agile (Scrum) Management Systems - primarily, Jira.
  • Understanding of Blockchain technology, it's pros and cons, latest technological trends (Cross-Chains, Atomic Swaps, P2P, etc).
  • Middle-level in DBA (MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB/Tarantool). Principles of designing database structure, identifying requirements for each product and select the most appropriate database solution based on data types and data-flow in this product.
  • Familiar with the microservice approach (Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, gRPC, mTLS, GCP, service discovery, load balancing, failover).
  • Experience in DevOps: configuring Kubernetes clusters and CI/CD pipelines, managing access control policies.
  • Experience in development - 5+ years (one of: Java/C++/C#/JavaScript).


  • BuildTheFuture. Level up the financial system. Put it at fingertips, so everybody can use the money to build and be a stakeholder of the future.
  • Culture. Level up your and our culture until we and the world have advancement in culture deserving be spread with our products. We call it visionary doers culture.
  • RaiseTheBar. Any hire raises our bar, and you will be the bar raiser for us and newcomers.
  • BeStakeholder. You build a product helping people's success. People pay for it and you get a stake of these future payments as a LATOKEN shareholder.
  • Lead. We are the largest in the world "IPO" platform for digital assets.

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