LATOKEN is the No. 1 IEO launchpad worldwide and a top 10 global crypto exchange.

Our mission is to connect investors with entrepreneurs, helping them to build the future, and making capital markets and the financial services industry more efficient.

We are looking for Ambassadors, with the responsibility of expanding our presence globally by connecting VCs, angel investors with blockchain and
non-blockchain startups.

Key responsibilities:

  • Find and onboard up to 20 projects per month.
  • Manage relationships with founders and C-level executives of blockchain companies.
  • Represent LATOKEN at local high-profile blockchain-related events.
  • Meet prospective clients at international blockchain summits and conferences.
  • Become a strong bridge between investments and ideas by connecting VCs with startups at Online Roadshows.
  • Coordinate promotions driving trading volumes and user traffic.
  • Gather and communicate client feedback and market intelligence to help us to design new products and build partnerships.

Strong candidates are expected to have:

  • 2-3 years of networking experience in the crypto/blockchain sector is a MUST.
  • Solid grasp of what value digital asset exchanges bring to projects, how a digital asset exchange business model works, how startups raise funds through an IEO, the latest key industry trends, etc.
  • The extensive network of high-quality contacts among tokenized projects` C-level executives is a MUST.
  • Experience in B2B sales/marketing and/or entrepreneurship is a big advantage.
  • Long-term belief in the future of asset tokenization.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Relentless drive to close deals.

This position offers:

  • Opportunity to build and grow your global network of blockchain leaders.
  • Access to high-profile blockchain events.
  • Huge high profile professional network gain as a side effect of constant engagement in negotiations with VCs, angel investors, and startups` C-level executives.

P.S. Candidates without a network among tokenized projects` C-level executives will not be considered for the position.

Join our Global Team and become an Ambassador at LATOKEN!