The LATOKEN team is expanding its cutting-edge exchange for tokenized assets, services and money. We are on the edge of transforming capital markets and money. Active communication with clients, communities, investors, and regulators is crucial for promoting this disruptive technology.

We’re looking for a Regional Manager


· Achieve leadership position in regional crypto turnover

· Localize key products

· Establish marketing and PR

· Hire top talent and maintain high-performance culture

· Coordinate the headquarters with product managers, development and marketing teams

· Control local KPI, PR/Marketing and Business development plan implementation

· Coordinate licenses acquisition

· Contribute to local meetups and forums organization


· Strong project and team management experience in top international companies (consultancy, law, banking, technology or FMCG)

· Experience in capital markets or product management is preferable

· Self starter, motivate others to perform

· Worked 5+ years in the region

· Fluent English and local language


· High salary and exceptional bonuses

· Potential token option

· Rapid career growth

· Frequent travels

· Global product with traction growing 20% weekly

· Passionate international team (ex McKinsey, hedge funds etc)

· Opportunity to grow to Regional Director or to focus on product management

Apply or recommend top talents (2 ETH referral bounty)