LATOKEN Digital Wallet is growing 35-100% per month on the multibillion money users worldwide market.We made financial account opening as easy as on Instagram. Yet, there are more people who need to manage money rather than photos.We will be bigger than the social wallet.

Role: Senior Analyst Mobile
Unit: Mobile
Mission: Support the growth of users by A/B and other tests and research.

Main performance number: Number of hypotheses tested during the sprint
Second performance number: % coverage of the funnel from visitor to paying user by automated reports
Third performance number: % coverage of automated OKRs reporting

• Hypotheses : Launch, support, analysis and reporting of product hypotheses.
• A/B tests : Conducting, analyzing of A/B tests.
• Reports : Presentation of daily, weekly and monthly performances at analytical breakfasts.
• DBAAS : Make databases well structured, unified, fast and easy to access while safeguarding security access levels for analysts, OKRs, debugging.
• Finance : Real-time balance sheet and cash flow reporting.
• User analytics : We know which channels to scale and which conversions to increase as we know users' clusters, cohorts, channels conversions, activation, churn, referral and monetization.
• Funnels : Universal funnel analytics.

Requirement skills and experience:
- 3+ years in analytics of a high pace tech company.
- Experience in mobile product analytics or marketing.
- Proficient in MySQL and Python to have analytics at fingertips.
- Managed developers and can code.
- Data Science, cohort, cluster, channel, funnel analytics.
- Well articulated and can discipline teammates to articulate their roles and OKRs.
- Do not tolerate lack of logic or mess, demand highest standards for clear and MICE defined roles and OKRs.
- Fluent English.

- Experience in trading, payments, investments/audit or blockchain company.
- Finalist of a regional olympiad or MIPT, MIEF, VMK, NES graduate.