LATOKEN Digital Wallet is growing 35-100% per month on the multibillion money users worldwide market. We made financial account opening as easy as on Instagram. Yet, there are more people who need to manage money rather than photos. We will be bigger than the social wallet.

Unit: Trading
Role: Product Manager
Role Mission: Double traders growth rate and tenfold fees revenue by year-end by launching one of: equities, margin trading, futures, options, OTC and API HFT.


  • Onboard : Start as a liquidity manager and hit slippage, spreads targets within Risk Limits.
  • List Top Assets : Get priority assets listed on exchange, manage and build scalable process to manage liquidity and risks for thousands of instruments.
  • Liquidity : Ensure most of our markets are top 1 by liquidity in CoinGecko as measured by slippage, spreads and client order success.
  • Instruments : Develop model and manage implementation of Margin Trading, Futures and/or Options instruments.
  • Institutionals : (Optional) develop OTC desk and/or HFT API infrastructure, manage marketing and onboard clients.
  • Grow traders : Grow the number of daily active traders and fees 30%+ MoM with high retention, co-marketing, partnerships and new channels with Growth Managers.
  • Activate : Maximize first session conversion into trader with time limited offers.
  • Product Analytics : Leverage big data to spot clients clusters and their problems across customer journey (eg. why traders leaving).
  • NPS and Referral : Increase NPS (Net Promoter Score) to 70% and referral virality to 1.1.
  • Custdev : Be on the phone with clients, make polls, figure out pains and opportunities.
  • Backlog & OKRs : Make priorities and OKRs clear in backlog and in your zoom background, make clear Main numbers for each teammate.
  • Scrum : Do Stand-ups, Sprints with Demos, Grooming and Retro driven by Stories Who need What, Why.
  • Team : Hire and develop team of developers, traders, sales, analysts, and UX.
  • Partnerships : Add LATOKEN to the Bloomberg, Tradingview and Terminals, so price actions and news refer to LATOKEN and attract traders.

Requirement skills and experience:

  • Has trading or capital markets experience 2+ years.
  • Proficient in one of: Margin Trading, Futures, Options, Derivatives, OTC.
  • Experience in Tier 1 IB and tech startups is an advantage.
  • Experience in user growth, UX, or product management is a plus.
  • Can code in python or learn over a weekend.
  • Worked in a high-pressure environment or have olympiad achievements.
  • Eager to build a scalable product.
  • Never give up, never quit.


  • We give proof that a teammate's life made an impact - LATOKEN share in Nasdaq index and millions in your pockets from vested options
  • Breakthrough technology and Product - Market - Timing Fit
  • Worldwide multibillion users market
  • 2x traders growth CAGR and 4.7 Google play rating
  • Multibillion worldwide market
  • Join us to build the first digital exchange wallet with a billion users

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