LATOKEN exchange has 2 million accounts including 900k+ users of our Android app rated 4.4 by 25+ thousands of reviews. We leverage the next tech to make account opening as easy as Instagram. The technology and our Olympic sports culture can make us the first billion users digital wallet needed to free people to manage their financial life.

Today, is a great moment to join us as crypto is expanding into mainstream financial market and ex CFO of JP Morgan joined our advisory board and 2 presidents joined us in Davos.

For the past 3 years we have been developing our own blockchain (called “Lachain”) and we are now building the DeFi ecosystem based on it (including DEX, dApp, IDO, NFT etc) and launched our mainnet.

Here is our backlog.

Role: Growth Manager

Unit: Growth Listings and Partnership

Mission: List top and rising projects with co-marketing.


  • Story: Owners of startups need to be listed for co-marketing in order to increase liquidity and number of token holders. Traders need to see growing projects on the platform in order to trade tokens with good liquidity or invest in startups on first stage.
  • Goal:
    • List 10+ projects in Q4.
    • Get 3000+ new traders in Q4.
    • Collect 30000+ usdt trading + transaction fees in Q4.
  • How:
    • Pitch listing for co-marketing with relevant scripts, pitchdeck and transparent value preposition.
    • Sell and upsell co-marketing activities with decent marketing budgets such as airdrop, trading competitions etc.
  • Conditions: Use crm, checklist, clickup, scripts, pitchdeck, best cases in airdrops and trading competitions, market making to get tokens in good standing.

Main performance number: Traders Growth Rate, MoM.

Second performance number: Fees Collected.

Third performance number: Price Growth 30D from listing Avg.


  • Sourcing : Search for top crypto projects with big number of followers, strong team to maximize co-marketing and price growth potential.
  • Quаlify : Quаlify projects based on their co-marketing and token price growth potential vs risks of possible scam or dump.
  • Relationships : Build a relationship. Make the first approach, learn needs and show the value of LATOKEN co-marketing tools.
  • Upsell co-mark : Upsell co-marketing to projects from portfolio.
  • Listing Competition : Get the best marketing and voter inflow from your projects to win Listing competition.
  • Listing : List projects.
  • Co-marketing : Conduct airdrop, trading competition, UGC giveaway, staking.
  • Delisting : Delist projects.
  • Analytics : Analyse success cases and good and bad standing.
  • Customer Service : Maintain relationship with projects with 5* customer service and advice.
  • Swap : Conduct swaps.
  • CRM : Work on crm tasks.
  • Feedback : Provide feedback regarding this checklist.

Requirement skills and experience:

  • Token analyst or token allocation background is a must.
  • 2+ years of experience in two of: token analytics/allocations, partnership marketing, bizdev or sales.
  • Proven experience in investments, trading, crypto, payments or other fintech is an advantage.
  • Has a potential to grow to Product Manager.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Problem-solving and critical reasoning skills (700+ GMAT level / won city level olympiad).
  • Python, SQL skills are desirable.
  • Fluent English.


  • We give proof that a teammate's life made an impact - LATOKEN share in Nasdaq index and millions in your pockets from vested options.
  • Breakthrough technology and Product - Market - Timing Fit.
  • Worldwide multibillion users market.
  • 2x traders growth CAGR and 4.7 Google play rating.
  • Multibillion worldwide market.
  • Join us to build the first digital exchange wallet with a billion users.

Feel a great fit - apply now or forward to a great candidate.