LATOKEN is developing a one-stop multi-asset trading platform and our goal is to become a leader in the crypto trading market by entering Top-20 crypto exchanges by trading volume.

We are bringing real assets ranging from equity and commodities to real estate and works of art onto blockchain thus making them tradable in crypto. This way we bridge crypto and traditional economies and make capital flows smarter.

LATOKEN is looking for Backend JavaScript (Node.js) developer for blockchain platform.


  • Develop backend for crypto exchange and trading products
  • Analyse and implement the best practices for high frequency trading backend
  • Develop API integrations and connectivity with trading platforms and exchanges
  • Support and develop client wallets: cryptocurrency contributions, transactions processing, referrals
  • Design and make clear for the team the client-server architecture, security systems and trading accounting
  • Design data layers with very close replication to blockchain systems (Ethereum/HyperLedger/etc)


  • Experience in JavaScript: 3+ years
  • Experience in development: 5+ years
  • Strong architecture skills: patterns, anti-patterns, principles of applications development
  • Self-driven and passionate to create high load world-changing products
  • JavaScript: Edge of ECMAScript technologies - classes, generators, async/await, etc
  • Сlosures, prototype chains, good practises of optimizations
  • Debug (WebKit Inspector, Node-Inspector)
  • Basic frontend skills: HTML5, CSS3, CSS, small experience of builders - one of Gulp/Grunt/Webpack/Babel/HMR/CRA

Backend skills

  • Nginx, HAProxy
  • Sequelize 3/4, Express.js, Babel, Knex.js
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle/MongoDB: nested queries left/right/inner joins, optimization of queries, indexes
  • Redis, RabbitMQ/ZeroMQ/other AMQP
  • Highload experience/understanding: race conditions, transactions, locks/atomics


  • Salary $4000 - $6000
  • Exceptional bonuses
  • Potential token option
  • Rapid career growth
  • Weekly inhouse ChainDev meetups with top Moscow blockchain developers and top world blockchain leaders (via skype)