Develop, maintain and evolve high-load, reliable and fault tolerant Bot's Trading Platform


• Development : Design and develop new algorithmic trading bots, and maintain existing ones. Contribute to engineering of various back-end services of the Trading Bots Platform, such as market data connectors, smart routing, risk management and other systems.
• Testing : Design and develop unit and integration tests for the bots
• Monitoring & Reporting : Ensure that trading bots are running correctly with appropriate bots' state monitoring and reporting of bots' work results. Bots' metrics and performance indicators development. Investigation and reporting of incidents occurred.
• Architecture : Contribute to department-wide architectural design initiatives for the Trading Bots Platform to provide scalable HFT, low latency architecture for existing and future bots.
• R&D : Participate in the research and development of new trading algorithms and strategies along with the corresponding analysis of market data and bots' trading results
• Teamwork : Be proactive in scrum meetings, tasks prioritization, demo, sprints setup, stand-ups, other business activities to achieve 120% of Unit goals.
• Mentoring : Help other developers especially those who are less experienced.

Requirement skills and experience:

• Experience in market-making, liqudity providing, algo-trading, hedging algorithms and strategies and analytical skills.
• 5+ years of experience working with С#, .Net, AMQP Rabbit / Kafka, MSA, EDA, Stateless arсhitecture, multi-threading, unit and integrational testing.
• Degree qualified in Computer Engineering / Math / Finance or quantitative discipline from top universities
• Working in remote teams.
• Agile experience.
• Working proficiency in English.
Will be a plus:
• Hands on development in high-load, low-latency and high throughput environments.
• Experienced with relational DBs(PostgreSQL, Clickhouse) and non-relational DBs(Redis, InfluxDB), ability to write performant queries.
• Experienced in work with CI/CD practices.
• Understanding of Machine Learning, Platform Development, Networking, System Design.
• Experience at least in one of matching engines, options, margin or futures trading.
• Regional and Country level competitions ('Olympics') participant

Knowledge with: trading platform, trading terminal, trading, trading Bots, Interactive Brokers, cryptoexchange, cryptocurrencies will be plus as well