Mission: Tenfold volumes in a year with derivatives.

Mission description:

*Story: Traders need to have a wide derivatives product range for crypto and equity trading in order to diversify their product packages, leverage their financial abilities and increase the expected profit from the trading.

*Goal: Double traders growth rate and tenfold volumes by year-end with institutional-grade derivatives products: perpetual futures, options, margin trading, OTC.

*How: Implement derivatives products within the exchange: perpetual futures, options, indexes, Build the system to start marginal trading and OTC.

*Conditions: Have well structured and prioritized backlog for the product development, investigated competitors product lines and fees structure. Have clear customer segmentation and a transparent analytical system in order to measure results and implement feedback loop.

Main performance number: Daily derivatives traders.

Second performance number: Daily derivatives volumes.

Third performance number: Daily derivatives trading fees.


  1. Liquidity: Ensure most of our markets are top 1 by liquidity in CoinGecko as measured by slippage, spreads and client order success.
  2. Instruments: Develop model and manage implementation of Margin Trading, Futures and/or Options instruments.
  3. Institutionals: (Optional) develop OTC desk and/or HFT API infrastructure, manage marketing and onboard clients.
  4. Grow traders: Grow the number of daily active traders and fees 30%+ MoM with high retention, co-marketing, partnerships and new channels with Growth Managers.
  5. Activate: Maximize first session conversion into a trader with time limited offers.
  6. Product Analytics: Leverage big data to spot clients clusters and their problems across customer journeys (eg. why are the traders leaving).
  7. NPS and Referral: Increase NPS (Net Promoter Score) to 70% and referral virality to 1.1.
  8. Custdev: Be on the phone with clients, make polls, figure out pains and opportunities.
  9. Backlog & OKRs: Make priorities and OKRs clear in backlog and in your zoom background, make clear Main numbers for each teammate.
  10. Scrum: Doing Stand-ups, Sprints with Demos, Grooming and Retro driven by Stories Who need What, Why.
  11. Team: Hire and develop a team of developers, traders, sales, analysts, and UX.
  12. Partnerships: Add LATOKEN to Bloomberg, Tradingview and Terminals, so price actions and news refer to LATOKEN and attract traders.
  13. Onboard: Start as a liquidity manager and hit slippage, spreads targets within Risk Limits.

Requirement skills and experience:

  1. Has trading or capital markets experience 2+ years.
  2. Proficient in one of: Margin Trading, Futures, Options, Derivatives, OTC.
  3. Experience in Tier 1 IB and tech startups is an advantage.
  4. Experience in user growth, UX, or product management is a plus.
  5. Can code in python or learn over a weekend.
  6. Worked in a high-pressure environment or have olympiad achievements.
  7. Eager to build a scalable product.
  8. Never give up, never quit.