LATOKEN exchange has 2 million accounts including 900k+ users of our Android app rated 4.4 by 25+ thousands of reviews. We leverage the next tech to make account opening as easy as Instagram. The technology and our Olympic sports culture can make us the first billion users digital wallet needed to free people to manage their financial life.

Today, is a great moment to join us as crypto is expanding into mainstream financial market and ex CFO of JP Morgan joined our advisory board and 2 presidents joined us in Davos.

Here is our backlog.

Role: Product Manager P2P
Unit: Payments

Role Mission: Easy to buy and sell crypto for fiat safe, fast and cheap.


  • Story: Payers need to buy and sell crypto for fiat in a safe, fast, and cheap manner to connect the traditional financial system new crypto financial system.
  • Goal:
    • Achieve monthly paying users, >5k by EoQ4, >50k by Eo2023.
    • Buys/Sell transaction time, <2 minutes for 90% of payments by EoQ4.
  • How:
    • Find and implement ways to buy/sell crypto for the most popular local fiats at the best price.
    • Develop and implement a loyalty program.
  • Conditions:
    • Payers from any country must have the ability to buy/sell crypto.

Main performance number: Fiat daily paying users on emerging markets
Second performance number: P2P purchase conversion rate
Third performance number: P2P daily transaction volume


  • Local partnership : Find local merchants in key regions and build a model of interaction with them to provide offers on the P2P platform 24/7.
  • Strategy : Develop strategy for a P2P products in accordance with customer needs analysis and marketing research.
  • Team leadership : Develop, maintain a high performance, train and motivate the team.
  • Teamwork : Be proactive in scrum meetings, tasks prioritization, demo, sprints setup, stand-ups, other business activities to achieve 120% of Unit goals.
  • Vision : Work with engineers, stakeholders and senior leadership to turn our product and technical vision into a tangible roadmap every sprint and quarter.
  • Metrics & monitoring : Design, maintain, improve and monitor main metrics for overall system monitoring to detect problems before our clients will. Report on incidents.
  • P2P : Launch P2P product to 20x conversion in emerging markets in deposit and withdrawal fiat on LATOKEN.

Requirement skills and experience.

Must have:

  • 3+ years experience in P2P or fintech start-ups as a product manager.
  • Experience in payments products.
  • An understanding of the crypto industry and the major products on the market.
  • In-depth knowledge of customer development, data-driven decision management applied in practice.
  • Ability to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving experience with many stakeholders.
  • Ability to assemble and manage a team of champions.
  • Ability to clearly structure goals and achieve results.

As a plus:

  • Product management achievements of significant growth driven by you.
  • An understanding of the emerging crypto market.
  • Experience in preparing and conducting A/B tests.
  • UX/UI or marketing experience.
  • Can do SQL and Python to have analytics at fingertips.
  • Experience in analytical systems (Segment, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Firebase, or similar).
  • Finalist of a regional olympiad or or top-tier university technical honors graduate.
  • At least B1 English.