Product Manager Retail Traders

Mission: Bug-free HFT trading platform with wide product range.

Mission description:

*Story: Retail traders need bug-free HFT trading platforms with a wide product range where they can trade cryptos and equities to have financial freedom and implementation of their trading goals.

*Goal: 15K daily active traders.

15K daily trading fees.

*How: Manage traders acquisition processes with high retention

Implement and support best in a class trading platform with Mobile, WEB and API interfaces.

Build transparent reporting system to measure results on daly basis with cohorts and segment analytics. Implement the feedback loop to improve key results.

Main performance number: Number of traders;

Second performance number: Daily trading volumes;

Third performance number: Daily retail trading fees, $.

Requirement skills and experience:

5+ years in sales or biz-dev team management in a high-paced international environment.

Experience in at least one of: Online retail sales, Partnership or affiliate marketing, token analytics, blockchain advisory or exchange listings.

Experienced in hiring sales or biz dev managers, training, and developing new partnerships models.

Python, SQL skills for analytics are desirable.

Giving candid feedback, transparent and open-minded.

Fluent/native English.