LATOKEN Digital Wallet is growing 35-100% per month on the multibillion money users worldwide market. We made financial account opening as easy as on Instagram. Yet, there are more people who need to manage money rather than photos. We will be bigger than the social wallet.

Mission: teammates challenge to outperform stretched OKRs as a thousand champion newcomers are onboarded with transparent up to date roles checklists and OKRs performance.

Main performance number: AVG Operations role rate by BR.

Second performance number: Avg. OKR rate.

Third performance number: Critical task done, %.


• Transparency : Each teammate has a mission and real time main number on zoom background

• Checklists Rated : Most of teammates fill in daily checklist and rate them

• Critical Tasks : Critical tasks are defined for each teammate, monitored and reacted if failed

• Feedback Tickets : All teammates suggest updates to their Checklists and Roles, and they are all reviewed and resolved by 2 supervisors

• Platform : Teammates and supervisors have their roles and checklists to manage at fingertips

• Workshops : Keep Roles evolving with structuring and Role tickets resolution workshops

• Reshuffle : Reshuffle teammates to execute others roles with checklists, so they rate if checklists are grandma clear

• Role Ratings : Each role is rated by role owner, supervisor, Bar Raisers, HRBP, operations analysts and teammates from other units

• OKRs Meritocracy : Bonuses are real-time calculated from OKRs and shown on Role pages

• Raise Bar : Do case interviews and give 360 performance feedback to ensure each sportsman beat records to get a slot in the olympic team next season

• Onboarding : Newcomers are educated and tested with media-rich tests generated from Roles Mission, OKRs, Functions and Tasks.

Requirement skills and experience

  • 5+ years in operations automation of high pace tech company.
  • Experience in at least 3 of 7: Crypto, Fintech grown-up, OKRs implementation, BPMN/ERP, Big3, Agile IT management, Python.
  • High pace robust self-starting performer under the pressure of IPO aimed crypto capital markets grown up.
  • Motivated to get to IPO with stock options vested.


  • We give proof that a teammate’s life made an impact - LATOKEN share in Nasdaq index and millions in your pockets from vested options
  • Breakthrough technology and Product - Market - Timing Fit
  • Worldwide multibillion users market
  • 2x traders growth CAGR and 4.7 Google play rating
  • Multibillion worldwide market
  • Join us to build the first digital exchange wallet with a billion users

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