LATOKEN is a top 30 digital assets exchange (according to Coinmarketcap) and a leader in tokenization.

We are looking for Product Managers to build products loved by a multi-million audience of traders and payments users across Asia, US and EU. These products include: exchange, assets tokenization, trading terminal, custody, mobile exchange and bank/payments app.

The role

  • Develop a strategic data-driven vision of the product and its synergies with the exchange
  • Be the customer. Learn how the product change a customer's life. What are his needs and habits - do role play, case studies and statistics.
  • Design daily retention life-in cycle: triggers-craving-routine-reward
  • Generate, prioritize and test hypothesis, based on market and customer research
  • Build lean and agile product development life-cycle
  • Organize, train and coordinate the product team: UX, developers
  • Ensure smooth sprints set up and execution with well prepared and
  • Report on the team performance, detect and resolve execution bottlenecks, ensure transparency and meritocracy
  • Be the customer


  • 2+ years as a product manager or analyst or UX for a product with 1+ international/US MAU
  • You likely to leverage mechanism design/game theory and neuroscience


  • Pioneer singularity of the Sapiens brain and blood: capital markets and money
  • The team you will love and sometimes hate for challenges, open feedback, diversity, curiosity, focused on business results while driven by a lifetime mission.
  • Be the principal of the mission and grow to CPO or Managing Partner
  • Vibrant product community Product Stories and Founders Developers

Feel a great fit - apply now

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