LATOKEN’s mission is to put financial life at fingertips. So everybody can use money to build and be a stakeholder of the future.

We are doing it to free people’s potential with the economic freedom to own and manage assets and money free of bureaucracy and corruption. So people can access money for their health, education, productivity, assets, and investments to become stakeholders of mankind's future. This economic freedom can be spread with the adoption of cryptocurrency and assets worldwide.

Liquidity Support Bots Developer / BOT Automation Developer

Mission: Develop, maintain and evolve reliable, high-load, and fault tolerant Bot Platform with APIs for top-100 Exchanges & top-10 blockchains by transaction volume

Main performance number:
10 from TOP 100 exchanges & blockchains connected
Second performance number: The stability of the bot is at least 75% per day
Third performance number: Platform, exchange & blockchain connections, bots uptime > 99.9%

Requirement skills and experience:
Experience in market-making, liqudity providing, algo-trading, hedging algorithms and strategies and analytical skills.
5+ years of experience working with С#, .Net, AMQP Rabbit / Kafka, MSA, EDA, Stateless arсhitecture, multi-threading, unit and integrational testing.
Degree qualified in Computer Engineering / Math / Finance or quantitative discipline from top universities
Working in remote teams.
Agile experience.
Working proficiency in English.

Will be a plus:
Hands on development in high-load, low-latency and high throughput environments.
Experienced with relational DBs(PostgreSQL, Clickhouse) and non-relational DBs(Redis, InfluxDB), ability to write performant queries.
Experienced in work with CI/CD practices.
Understanding of Machine Learning, Platform Development, Networking, System Design.
Experience at least in one of matching engines, options, margin or futures trading.
Regional and Country level competitions ('Olympics') participant

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