Get 4.8 stars in Q3 2021 rating for LATOKEN Android app by analyzing performance of listed tokens, segregating them, providing insights on quality of listings, also analyzing our audience and coming up with ideas on how to improve quality of their engagement with LATOKEN products, affecting retention.

Main performance number: % of data tracked successfully delivered to dashboards

Second performance number: Number of hypothesis analyzed during the sprint

Third performance number: App Weekly Average Rating


• Analyze hypothesis : Dive into LATOKEN products and find out, how you can improve app rating and count customer satisfaction

• Get more feedback accountable : Collect users feedback web-wide on anything related to LATOKEN and make it visible/accountable

• Automate reporting : Automate our main numbers calculation, also alarming once there is a scam incident or conversion to 5 stars drops

Requirement skills and experience:

Must have:

- 1y+ personal crypto trading experience

- English - B2 at least

- Russian - C1 at least

- 1y+ analytic research experience

- 6m+ CRM management experience

- Math / Social scienses / Physics / Chemistry city-level olympiad winner


- Python

- Ability to adopt and deliver under high pressure

Nice to have:

- Indonesian, Turkish, Hindi, Bengali languages - B2

- 6m+ experience in private investigation firm / prosecutors office

- Fluent in Solidity language

- 6m+ experience in Sales of a complex product

- 6m+ experience in SMM / marketing

- 6m+ experience in Tech startup