We’re looking for Senior Product Manager or CPO to make the next generation of exchange and payments system friendly for millions users.

The role

  • Develop a strategic data driven vision of the core product and sattelites
  • Meet traction and revenue goals
  • Be the customer. Learn how the product change customer's life. What are his needs and habits - do role play, case studies and statistics.
  • Design daily retention life-in cycle: triggers-craving-routine-reward
  • Generate, prioritise and test hypothesis, based on market and customer research
  • Build lean and agile product development life-cycle
  • Organize, train and coordinate product teams
  • Ensure smooth product managers-developers sprints set up and execution with well prepared and prioritized stories
  • Report on teams performance, detect and resolve execution bottlenecks, ensure transparency and meritocracy
  • Be the customer


  • You built 2-3 world loved products with MAU>1m, acquired or round A
  • You likely to leverage mechanism design/gametheory and neuroscience

Why to join

  • Be a part of the team transforming financial system
  • Competitive salary and exceptional bonuses
  • Rapid growth and trainee program (option to try multiple roles to grow as the T person)
  • Top 30 exchange, leading in security tokens
  • International team (ex McKinsey, hedge funds etc)

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