bubble gave birth to Amazon of consumer goods. Crypto bubble gave birth to the asset shop for people.
Latoken is the market for assets helping people to build their best future by investing and getting investments. Our blockchain based exchange is the number one source of liquidity for new tokens and assets classes.

We are looking for Senior Product Manager or CPM to streamline exchange, trading and payments products development.

The role

  • Develop a strategic data driven vision of the core product and sattelites
  • Meet traction and revenue goals
  • Be the customer. Learn how the product change customer's life. What are his needs and habits - do role play, case studies and statistics.
  • Design daily retention life-in cycle: triggers-craving-routine-reward
  • Generate, prioritise and test hypothesis, based on market and customer research
  • Build lean and agile product development life-cycle
  • Organize, train and coordinate product teams
  • Ensure smooth product managers-developers sprints set up and execution with well prepared and prioritized stories
  • Report on teams performance, detect and resolve execution bottlenecks, ensure transparency and meritocracy
  • Be the customer


  • You built 2-3 world loved products with MAU>1m, acquired or round A
  • You likely to leverage mechanism design/gametheory and neuroscience


  • Pioneer singularity of the Sapiens brain and blood: capital markets and money
  • The team you will love and sometimes hate for challenges, open feedback, diversity, curiosity, focused on business results while driven by a lifetime mission.
  • Be the principal of the mission and get a stake
  • Vibrant product community Product Stories and Founders Developers

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