LATOKEN exchange has 2 million accounts including 900k+ users of our Android app rated 4.4 by 25+ thousands of reviews. We leverage the next tech to make account opening as easy as Instagram. The technology and our Olympic sports culture can make us the first billion users digital wallet needed to free people to manage their financial life.

Today, is a great moment to join us as crypto is expanding into mainstream financial market and ex CFO of JP Morgan joined our advisory board and 2 presidents joined us in Davos.

Here is our backlog.

Role: Liquidity Support Lead

Unit: Listings

Mission: Top liquidity for listed projects.


  • Story: Traders need top liquidity, comfortable volumes and spreads for listed projects to buy and sell with confidence and have quick order completion.
  • Goal:
    • Increase the number of LS clients to 100 by the end of November.
    • Spreads of LS clients less than 1% by the end of November.
    • Volumes of LS clients more than $25k 24h average by the end of November.
  • How: Develop value proposition and LS packages for listed projects, create transparent and grandma clear dashboards with active clients' average spreads and volumes with notifications of wide spreads and low volumes automatically sent to LS Account Managers.
  • Conditions: Value proposition is based on careful calculation to keep the LS Unit revenue growing, dashboards are 100% accurate and matching with terminal.

Main performance number: LS Unit Revenue
Second performance number: MM services fees
Third performance number: MM trading fees


  • Development : Research & define LATOKEN-listed projects LS needs.
  • Pitching : Keep an up-to-date proposition-pitchdeck for potential LS clients and retention.
  • Revenue : Increase the LS Unit's revenue by optimizing the MM services and helping account managers close MM deals.
  • LS Team Management : Hire, onboard and manage champion LS Account Managers to grow the unit's revenue.
  • Training : Hold workshops for LS Account Managers on pitching and selling MM services, as well as account management.
  • Workflow : Follow LATOKEN's teamwide workflow and keep CRM and dashboards well-organized and clear.
  • Up or Out : Grow to Product Manager in 1 year or free space for other champions.

Requirement skills and experience:

  • Experience in trading on crypto or stock exchanges, Market Making services.
  • 3+ years experience in B2B Sales/Business Development in Market Making.
  • 3+ years experience leading a team in Market Making.
  • Experience with crypto/token analytics is a strong advantage.
  • Capability to grow as a product manager is a plus.
  • Problem-solving and critical reasoning skills (700+ GMAT level / won city level olympiad).
  • Demand the highest standards for clear and MECE-defined roles and OKRs.
  • SQL queries / Python skills as a plus.
  • Ability to work in fast-paced environment.
  • Fluent English.