We’re looking for Fullstack JavaScript Developer to expand our 70+ international team.

LATOKEN is the blockchain based exchange for tokenized assets and currencies. We are number one source of liquidity for new tokens and assets classes. Our goal is to automate capital markets with $150 tn daily trading volume and to unlock value of $200 tn illiquid assets. Our culture and skills are the key for success in the highly competitive global capital markets


  • Develop backend for crypto exchange and trading products
  • Analyse and implement the best practices for high frequency trading backend
  • Develop API integrations and connectivity with trading platforms and exchanges
  • Develop trading interfaces desktop & mobile: order books, charts, forms, social followings, chats
  • Support and develop client wallets: cryptocurrency contributions, transaction processing, referrals
  • Design of structure of client-server architecture and security systems for the whole system
  • Design data layers with very close replication to blockchain systems (Ethereum/HyperLedger/etc)


  • Experience in JavaScript: 3+ years, development: 6+ years
  • Strong architecture skills: patterns, anti-patterns, principles of applications development
  • Good mathematical base
  • Self-motivated and really passionate about creating interesting, complex, world-changing solutions
  • Edge of ECMAScript technologies - classes, generators, async/await, etc
  • Сlosures, prototype chains, good practices of optimizations
  • Debug (WebKit Inspector, Node-Inspector)
  • Excellent frontend skills: HTML5, CSS3, SASS/LESS/Stylus, builders - Gulp/Grunt/Webpack/Babel/HMR/CRA, primitives - DOM tree, VDOM, Event loop, jQuery/VanillaJS, closures, prototype chains, etc
  • Browser rendering principles: elements flow, cycles of reflow/repaint
  • Strong React skills: components lifecycle, optimizations, reconciliation, pure components etc
  • Data flow in React: Redux/Mobx/etc


  • Node.js, Express.js, Sequelize
  • SQL: MySQL/PostgreSQL, nested queries, left/inner/full join’s, optimization of queries, indexes
  • Junior UNIX-skills: bash, nginx setup, iptables setup, docker setup

Why join

  • Be a part of the team transforming the financial system
  • Competitive salary and exceptional bonuses
  • Rapid growth and trainee program (option to try multiple roles to grow as the T person)
  • Top 30 exchange, leading in security tokens
  • International team (ex McKinsey, hedge funds etc)

Feel a great fit - apply now

See video "Why to join Latoken"
Other Roles: DevOps engineer, Fullstack JavaScript Developer, Node.js Developers (Trading/CRM/Payments)