Main performance number: Monthly Fiat Paying Users
Second performance number: 1W Retention rate Pay → Pay
Third performance number: Conversion from signup to deposit during the first session

• Activation : Continuous flow of experiments to 10x increase performance of the first session.
• NFC : Launch payment through Apple and Google Pay in mobile apps to make users happy to pay with LATOKEN wallet for coffee.
• P2P : Launch P2P product to 20x conversion in emerging markets in deposit and withdrawal fiat on LATOKEN.
• Utility payments : Launch solution to make users easy way for paying for utility bills with LATOKEN wallet.
• Remittance : Integrate remittance to make users with cash easy way in LATOKEN.
• Easy transactions : Deposit and withdrawal to bank card is as easy as an iPhone.
• Deepest analytics : Constantly analyze the results of experiments in the smallest detail to accurately plan further actions.
• Hire champions : Hiring the best developers and analysts who don't need micromanagement.
• Customer development : Problem and solution interviews with users from different countries for a deep dive into their experiences.
• User research : Pre- and post-release user experience research.

Requirement skills and experience:

- Alignment with our core values: never quit on your way to outcomes, clear communication, constructive conflict, and continuous learning.
- 3+ years as a product manager with several cases of significant growth driven by you.
- Basic understanding of the crypto industry and the major products on the market.
- A deeply analytical mindset and track record for making data-driven decisions on priorities.
- Experience in a high-pressure environment with multiple stakeholders.
- Experience in preparing and conducting A/B tests (can describe conducted experiments in details).
- Experience in analytical systems (Segment, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Firebase, or similar).
- Customer development experience.
- UX/UI, marketing or payments systems experience.
- SQL skills for analytics.
- At least B1 English.

- At least one case of exponential growth driven by you.
- Finalist of a regional olympiad or top-tier university technical honors graduate.
- Python skills for analytics.
- 3+ years experience in neo banking or fintech start-ups.