Hey, world explorers!

We are expanding our international team to support blockchain communities across the globe. To do so, we need leaders ready to make an impact on their respective cities by educating and engaging with the locals. Joining the LATOKEN Envoys Program will vitalize your professional growth, amplify your expertise in this industry, and open new business opportunities.

LATOKEN, a leading multi-asset tokenization platform, is on a mission to help billions of people access capital markets. As a LATOKEN Envoy, you have a unique chance to become part of this mission and potentially impact on the life of society.

You will develop as a:

- Connector: visit local meetups and become one of the most well-connected community leaders
- Leader: boost your leadership skills by organizing a LATOKEN meetup each week
- Educator: manage the local group in social networks
- Communicator: establish contacts with business founders

The perfect candidate is:

- Passionate about blockchain technology and the crypto world
- Informed about local blockchain and crypto activities
- A frequent meetup attendant
- An exceptional communicator
- Able to manage a community in messengers and social media
- Trustworthy
- An advanced English speaker

Let’s transform capital markets together. Join the LATOKEN Envoys Program today!

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