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Developer Trading Desk Bot Platform
Unit: Trading Desk

Develop, maintain and evolve reliable, high-load, and fault tolerant Bot Platform.

Main performance number: Uptime is at least 99.9%
Second performance number: Latency of Bot Platform core less 1ms for 200k active users and 2 millions RPS
Third performance number: Loss caused by bugs = 0

• Development : Development of bot platform back-end components: connectors, data processing services, back-office for trading terminal, order routers and other trading system services according to the existing acrhitecture.
• Architecture : Maintain and evolve scalable high-load architecture with modular structure.
• Testability : Applications and services are covered with unit and integration tests 80%, stress-tested, and support test environments.
• Monitoring & Reporting : Develop bot platform monitoring system and reporting components to support continuable monitoring and configurable reporting and report on incidents.
• Teamwork : Be proactive in scrum meetings, tasks prioritization, demo, sprints setup, stand-ups, other business activities to achieve 120% of Unit goals.
• Mentoring : Help other developers especially those who are less experienced.

Requirement skills and experience:
Minimum 3+ years of experience as a senior developer in trading infrastructure.
• Strong knowledge of design patterns and principles like SOLID/GRASP, DDD, OOD, TDD, SQL, NoSQL, KISS, DRY, Enterprise level coding patterns.
• Service-Oriented Architectures.
• Hands-on concurrency / multi-threading.
• Hands-on high load, low latency.
• Working with Source Control tools (Git, Merqurial, TFS, etc.).
• C# with .NET Core and .NET Framework - ASP.NET Web API.
• Entity Framework - RDMS (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL).
• NoSQL (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, ClickHouse).
• Proficiency with message brokers (RabbitMQ, Kafka).
• Working proficiency in English.

• Nice to have:
• Experienced in C++ / Java / Python / Golang.
• FIX/FAST/SBE protocols knowledge.
• GRPC - Lock free algorithms.
• Working in remote teams.
• Agile experience.

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• Breakthrough technology and Product - Market - Timing Fit.
• Worldwide multibillion users market.
• 2x traders growth CAGR and 4.7 Google play rating.
• Multibillion worldwide market.
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