LATOKEN is the blockchain based exchange for tokenized assets and currencies. We are number one source of liquidity for new tokens and assets classes. Our goal is to automate capital markets with $150 tn daily trading volume and to unlock value of $200 tn illiquid assets. Our culture and skills are the key for success in the highly competitive global capital markets.

The role

  • Development of trading interface (desktop & mobile): orders, graphs, charts, forms
  • Creating registration modules for new
  • Development and support of client wallet: cryptocurrency balance, list of transactions, reporting
  • Exchange website update

Who fits

  • 3+ years in front end JavaScript/React.js
  • Strong architect skills: patterns, anti-patterns, application development principles
  • JavaScript: Edge ECMAScript technologies - classes, generators, async / await, etc.
  • Conceals, prototype chains, confident optimization practice
  • Debug (WebKit Inspector, Node-Inspector)
  • Confident front-end experience: HTML5, CSS3, SASS / LESS / Stylus, collectors - Gulp / Grunt / Webpack / Babel / HMR / CRA, primitives - DOM tree, VDOM, event loop, jQuery / VanillaJS, closures, circuit prototypes, etc. ,
  • Confident React experience: component life cycle, optimization, reconciliation, etc.
  • Reactor Data Flow: Redux / Mobx, etc.


  • Competitive salary $2000 - $4000
  • Rapid growth and exceptional bonuses
  • Global product with traction growing 20% weekly
  • Passionate international team (ex McKinsey, hedge funds etc)
  • Morning English lessons in the office

Feel a great fit - apply now

See video "Why to join Latoken"