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Unit: Finance
build 1LOD on Trading Desk to avoid uncontrolled losses by constructing a market-making portfolio and reducing hedging costs and borrow exposure.

• Portfolio: Implement a market-making portfolio to reduce hedging costs, limit the market, liquidity risk, and volatility to zero.
• Strategies: Critically assess strategies proposed by traders and developers to protect the company’s capital.
• Market Manipulation: Detect users undertaking forbidden trading practices or insider trading.
• OKRs and Risk Limits: Ensure traders’ liquidity targets, trading PnL, and assets’ exposure is within limits and deviations are 100% explained in reports.
• Best Practices: Analyse the latest regulatory frameworks and industry practices to implement the best approaches as risk policies.

Requirement skills and experience:

  • Financial or Maths degree
  • Experience in sport trading and risk management (Market, Liquidity, and Counterparty Risks) of 3+ years
  • Understanding and experience in Portfolio Construction, Statistical testing, VaR, Stress Testing
  • Advanced knowledge of Python, SQL, Excel
  • Working proficiency English Would be a strong plus:
  • Crypto industry knowledge -Understanding and experience with derivative products (futures, options, perpetual futures)


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