LATOKEN’s mission is to put financial life at fingertips. So everybody can use money to bring ideas to life to build the future and be a stakeholder of it. Internet startups conquered the commanding heights after 20 years since the dot-com bubble. Blockchain is the internet of value - the next wave which outperforms any technology and industry in history. This technology is a game-changer for a vast market of blood and brain of humankind: payments and trading. The blockchain works worldwide: no need for central banks, layers of private banks, or custodians.
LATOKEN is a top blockchain bet on the financial system upgrade.

Our mission is to put
Money and assets at fingertips worldwide:

  • Open account and deposit fiat in a few seconds
  • Manage money: Pay, Receive or Transfer
  • Manage assets: Crypto, Startups, Pre - IPO, Equity

Unit: Growth

Unit Mission: Put crypto to serve people with LATOKEN products

Role: Product Manager of Content Production and Distribution


  • PR : Generate and Distribute LATOKEN insights via PRnewswire, Cryptopanic and other crypto media, selected according to SEO, SERM and traders acquisition efectiveness.
  • Analytics : Research and identifiy emerging issues and PR challenges that are facing LATOKEN. Monitor competitors.
  • Message : Develop messages, creatives for target audiences - start ups, traders and banking users - to build the brand of the handiest way to manage financial life.
  • SERM : Eliminate negative content from top search queries first and second pages results, leverage copyrighters and agencies and lawyers if needed.
  • Contagious content : Generate trendy content from traders news, VCTV, product development. Build content machine.
  • Align to message : Ensure that all content is edited to conform to LATOKEN Messages in web site, mobile app, newsletter, blogs, social influencers, annual reports, and other marketing collateral materials.
  • Distribute : Leverage pushes, pop ups, banners, in app ads, micro-targeting ads, email/SMS/media blasts to make content trendy and get organic traffic.
  • Automation : Automate content creation.
  • Info Sponsorship/partnerships : Build strong relationship with media outlets to cover LATOKEN news and build strong presence with the stream of quality news on the free or exchange basis
  • HR brand : Help building LATOKEN HR brand to hire 100 world class developers with growing the company’s online presence on various work sites, creating innovative ways to attract prospective employees to the company’s website and distinguishing new recruitment opportunities through social media.
  • Team Growth : Hire a top copywriters, PR managers, SEO, SERM specialists, EB managers that could work autonomously based on transparent sets of functions and metrics (Reach, publications, acquisitions).
  • Analytics : Monitor of every mention and analyse and react on the negative posts at key reviews sites. Monitor specific sources with discussions if needed.
  • Monitoring : Monitor every post results with reach, clicks, interactions, sign ups and/or installs to keep the score table.
  • Reusable Messages : Keep updated company media profie and reusable product messages.


  • Proven SERM success.
  • Experience in copyrighting and journalism for crypto or financial companies Experience as anti crisis.
  • PR Excellent writing and speaking communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal relations among team mates.
  • Ability to take initiative.
  • Public speaking skills.
  • Fluent English, spoken and written.


  • Build the future. Level up the financial system. Put it at fingertips, so everybody can use the money to build and be a stakeholder of the future.
  • 2x mobile users'growth each month, 4.7 ratings.
  • The Largest primary market with 160 IEOs since 2017.
  • The team is our main product, we build a culture capable to shift frontiers. A great workplace is stunning colleagues. Adequate performers should work elsewhere. The only top talent here.
  • Be stakeholder.You build a product helping people’s success. People pay for it and you get a stake of these future payments as a LATOKEN shareholder. We have the highest in fintech team shares pool.
  • We overpay.If you are with us, as a shareholder, you should earn 10-100x comparing to any other top career alternative. And the team expects your performance to match the reward.
    ​​​​​​​You would receive 100* [your salary] in stock option value. You can earn a lot if you put clients first, want, and capable to make the world better with the new technology.

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