LATOKEN exchange has 2 million accounts including 900k+ users of our Android app rated 4.4 by 25+ thousands of reviews. We leverage the next tech to make account opening as easy as Instagram. The technology and our Olympic sports culture can make us the first billion users digital wallet needed to free people to manage their financial life.

Today, is a great moment to join us as crypto is expanding into mainstream financial market and ex CFO of JP Morgan joined our advisory board and 2 presidents joined us in Davos.

Here is our backlog.

Role: Developer Frontend

Unit: Payments

Role mission: Industry-grade UX for Payments web users.


  • Story:
    • Users need Industry-grade UX to manage their money.
  • Goal:
    • Success rate > 99% in Q4.
  • How:
    • Develop intuitive UX/features for the higher success rate for all core user payments scenarios.
  • Conditions:
    • Stable operations for 1M+ users with an average latency below 50ms.

Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

  • Loading time.
  • Requests success rate.
  • Zero bugs after release.


  • Develop: Develop high class UI to let customer to control his assets: deposits, withdraw, transfer and staking.
  • Support: Write unit and component tests with jest.
  • Optimization: Improve legacy code: split it into granular modules to improve reusability and lower the modules coupling.
  • Scale: Support high quality with proper usage of frontend tech stack material-ui components enrichment, simple and clear viewmodel lifecycle.
  • Code Review: Participate in architecture review, code review and quality assurance.
  • Improve: Bring best practices to the payments unit and company.
  • Research: Be constantly searching for bugs in business logic, user-interface and ways to improve the Frontend.

Requirement skills and experience:

  • 3+ years of experience working with React JS.
  • Proficiency in Javascript + Typescript language and its modern nuances.
  • Know how to work with versioning systems like git (inside github, GitLab).
  • Have product development skills - not only coding skills. Sees picture from the client's side and improves accordingly.
  • Solid HTML, CSS, SCCS, SAAS experience.
  • English at upper-intermediary level and the communication skills to effortlessly collaborate with engineering managers.

Will be a plus:

  • Web3.
  • Experience of work with CI/CD practices.
  • Redux/Mobx/Flux knowledge.
  • Unit testing experience.
  • Working in remote teams.
  • Agile experience.