Mission: Provide limitless access to liquidity for top assets.
Mission description:

*Story: Retail and corporate traders need to trade any volumes of assets provided by the exchange with good spreads and low slippage in order to manage exposure and risks.

*Goal: 4+ contracts with top worldwide liquidity providers integrated with the exchange in Q4202.

*How: Negotiate the best conditions and make contracts with the top worldwide liquidity providers which will be integrated with our trading platform and each liquidity will be integrated with a unified order book. Order execution algorithm will be implemented on the best-price-low-latency principle.

*Conditions: Make well structured and prioritize roadmap for the client acquisition, investigate competitors product lines and fees structure. Make clear customer segmentation and a transparent analytical system in order to measure results and implement feedback loops.

Main performance number: Number of traders

Second performance number: Trading volume

Third performance number: Trading fees


• Partnerships: Responsible for strategic partnerships and lead necessary contract negotiations with global liquidity providers.

• Business: Sales, profit and loss responsibility for the entire institutional market making business.

• Market making: Review of current and attracting of new partners to provide liquidity while preventing risks.

• KPI: Definition, monitoring of the company relevant KPIs and control of the measures to achieve the objectives set.

Requirement skills and experience:

5+ years of management experience in a top-level exchange or market-making company.

Experience in two of: market making, institutional sales, crypto trading, trading desk or trading development management.

Strong team management skills, can hire, manage and motivate champion product managers, dealers and developers.

Has an architectural vision of high load trading systems and trading microstructure.

Client-oriented, test the product and understand traders' pains.

Knowledge of Python for analytics at fingertips.

Strong work ethics, take responsibility for results, transparent problem-solver.