LATOKEN’s mission is to put financial life at fingertips. So everybody can use money to build and be a stakeholder of the future.

We are doing it to free people’s potential with the economic freedom to own and manage assets and money free of bureaucracy and corruption. So people can access money for their health, education, productivity, assets, and investments to become stakeholders of mankind's future. This economic freedom can be spread with the adoption of cryptocurrency and assets worldwide.

Double the number of the top-scored listing deals to increase listing revenue, trading fees, and to be their first exchange.

Main performance number: Automated reports in Sales Unit
Second performance number: Real prospect share
Third performance number: Deduplicated leads/contacts/companies in listing pipeline

Requirement skills and experience:
1+ year experience in Data Analysis Strong skills in Python, SQL Experience in data visualizations is a strong plus.
Experience in B2B sales/Business Development is a strong plus.
Experience with crypto/token analytics is a strong advantage.
Capability to grow as a product manager is a plus.
Problem-solving and critical reasoning skills (700+ GMAT level / won city level olympiad).
Demand the highest standards for clear and MECE-defined roles and OKRs.
Fluent English.

Keywords: CRM, data analyst, python, SQL, exchange listing, IEO, IDO, business development, capital markets, crypto