LATOKEN’s mission is to put financial life at fingertips. So everybody can use money to build and be a stakeholder of the future.

We are doing it to free people’s potential with the economic freedom to own and manage assets and money free of bureaucracy and corruption. So people can access money for their health, education, productivity, assets, and investments to become stakeholders of mankind's future. This economic freedom can be spread with the adoption of cryptocurrency and assets worldwide.

Mission: Focus managers to list most of the top-performing tokens worldwide at LATOKEN as their 1st exchange.

Main performance number: # New paid clients
Second performance number: Trading fees
Third performance number: Price growth after listing

Requirement skills and experience:
Experience in token or investment analytics / IB / venture funds 2+ years.
Experience in Sales/Business Development crypto background is a plus.
Has outstanding achievements in user growth or product analytical support in fintech (preferably equity crowdfunding).
Has good skills in the use of analytical platforms such as DataStudio.
Problem-solving and critical reasoning skills (700+ GMAT level / won city level olympiad).
Has high standards for self and teammates.
Can do MySQL queries / Python to have analytics at fingertips.
Fluent English.

Keywords: token analyst, investment analyst, venture capital, fundraising, crowdfunding, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, IEO, Crowdcube, Symbid, OurCrowd, MyMicroInvest Finance, FundedByMe, Ulule, Sniffr, MyStartr, FringeBacker, Weeboon,, Ketto