LATOKEN exchange has 2 million accounts including 900k+ users of our Android app rated 4.4 by 25+ thousands of reviews. We leverage the next tech to make account opening as easy as Instagram. The technology and our Olympic sports culture can make us the first billion users digital wallet needed to free people to manage their financial life.

Today, is a great moment to join us as crypto is expanding into mainstream financial market and ex CFO of JP Morgan joined our advisory board and 2 presidents joined us in Davos.

Here is our backlog.

Role: Head of LATOKEN Payments

Unit: Payments

Role Mission: Give users the easiest way to buy bitcoin and coffee.


  • Story: Payers across the world need LATOKEN app and services easy to open accounts, pay and manage their finance with a greater value for their life.
  • Goal: Achieve 500k monthly payers to unlock the road to IPO within 2 years.
  • How:
    • Erase friction and fees for first time crypto buyers and increase their inflow by integrations with local payment solutions and P2P product across target regions.
    • Make it easy to use the app in everyday life to pay for coffee or bills by launching LA card/google pay.
  • Conditions:
    • Product managers, owners and processes should be raised for each client group and use cases with backlog and product analytics ensuring we test the right priority hypothesis and scale successful features.
    • Foster fact-based up or out performance culture with stretching OKRs real-time transparent.
    • Motivate team by the IPO reward and push freeriders out to protect principals (owners) culture and stocks value.
    • The team should deliver unexpected features and improvements over weekends with hackathons.
    • Raise successors from day one to maximize stocks value.
    • The team should be well funded and skills match the vision.

Main performance number: Neobank/Payments revenue

Second performance number: Neobank products portfolio

Third performance number: Investments raised


  • Strategy : Define and present the strategy and the actionable roadmap of LATOKEN Neobank/Payments products and business development. Execute the strategy.
  • Fundraising : Define a strategy to attract investment, taking into account examples of public offerings against the backdrop of quantitative easing.
  • Investors : Identify a list of priority investors capable to attract top talent and strategic partnerships in the US.
  • Fundraise : Fundraise capital needed for growth toward IPO. Together with CFO LATOKEN lead the fundraising process.
  • Portfolio : Lead product development, form Neobank/Payments target product portfolio. Product ideas are taken from LATOKEN Saturdays hackatons and implemented on a regular basis, engaging newcomers.
  • Sale products : Launch and scale sales of credit cards, P2P and other products.
  • Revenue : Grow number of Neobank/Payments transactions and the related revenue
  • Reporting : Develop and automate the strategic level reporting system.
  • Risks : Prevent financial risks, develop and manage risk policies and systems.
  • Forensic : Prevent fraudulent activity of users or teammates.
  • Compliance : Ensure compliance with the requirements of regulators by building reporting, KYC, AML processes, regulating customer access to services and obtaining the necessary licenses for Neobank/Payments products.
  • Team : Build a payments team. Ensure teammates challenge for high performance. Raise your successor from day one and contribute to hiring a C-level IPO team.
  • Critical Tasks : Critical tasks are defined for each teammate, monitored and reacted if failed.
  • Orgstructure : Teammates and supervisors have their roles and checklists to manage at fingertips.
  • OKR Meritocracy : Bonuses are real-time calculated from OKRs and shown on Role pages.

Requirement skills and experience:
Must have:

  • 3+ years as a head of a financial function with high pace fundraising or IPO experience.
  • Experience in at least 2 of 9: banking, payments technologies, fundraising, IPO, fintech grown up, crypto, trading, IB, Big3, OKRs implementation.
  • High pace self-starter, able to overachieve under the pressure of crypto capital markets.
  • High motivation to get to IPO with a disruptive tech.