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Here is our backlog.

Role: Head of Scrum&Product Operations

Unit: Operations

Role Mission: Client & delivery obsessed Product Management processes.


  • Story:
    • Internal: Teammates need effective Scrum processes so that teams are delivery obsessed and continuously improve their tools and processes.
    • External: Clients need Products that satisfy their needs and are easy to use so that they prefer LATOKEN over other competitor.
  • Goal:
    • Scrum Health average score > 3.5 by EoQ4.
    • Product Health average score > 3.5 by EoQ4.
  • How:
    • Hire and Coach Product Owners, Scrum Masters.
    • Define and implement effective Scrum routines.
    • Perform Retros and Groomings and have the team solve identified issues.
    • Define processes to manage Product Lifecycle at all stages.
    • Facilitate Program management practices.
  • Conditions:
    • Quality can't be compromised for enhancing the speed of delivery.

Main performance number: Platform health.
Second performance number: OKR's health.
Third performance number: Product & Scrum health.


  • Custdev : Product teams have interview, polls and competitor research on a weekly basis.
  • Scrum control : Ensure the execution of the SCRUM process and the appointment of those responsible for it throughout the company.
  • Backlog : Backlogs are well groomed and milestones are shown in teamwide backlog vision. Storypoints and business value focus on critical hypothesys tests.
  • Sprints : Sprints end with demo at 90% completion rate avg and start with well groomed priorities.
  • Standups : Standups are assaults on impediments, no formal bullshitting.
  • Stories : Stories are grand ma clear Who needs What for Why.
  • AB tests : Hypothesys tests results are clear.
  • Analytics : User traction with convertion and retention is at dashboards and slack posts.
  • Raise Bar : Teammates give 360 performance feedback to ensure each sportsman beat records to get a slot in the olympic team next season on Platform.
  • Growth : Product managers are responsible for growth and build their marketing machines.
  • Talent density : Ensure product managers dencity across product team so low performers are quickly replaced and top performers scale team fast.

Requirement skills and experience:

  • 5+ years in operations automation of high pace tech company.
  • Experience in at least 3 of 7: Crypto, Fintech grown-up, OKRs implementation, BPMN/ERP, Big3, Agile IT management, Python.
  • High pace robust self-starting performer under the pressure of IPO aimed crypto capital markets grown up.
  • Motivated to get to IPO with stock options vested.