LATOKEN Digital Wallet is growing 35-100% per month on the multibillion money users worldwide market.We made financial account opening as easy as on Instagram. Yet, there are more people who need to manage money rather than photos.We will be bigger than the social wallet.


Unit Mission: Decentralized finance available on blockchain everywhere

Role: Developer R&D Blockchain

Role Mission: Launch LACHAIN core in Q2 2021 with 1000 TPS and >1mln blocks without interruption or hardforks By profiling, debugging and optimization of core

Main performance number: Blocks without interruption or hardforks
Second performance number: Chain throughput (TPS), target 1000
Third performance number: Block time, target 3s


* Develop: Developer & standardize blockchain APIs and documentation;

* Develop: Develop, test and deploy cryptographic protocols for chain governance and transaction processing; 

* Develop: Develop blockchain codebase (C#, .net core 3.1): transaction processing, consensus algorithms, blockchain governance mechanisms, storage and virtual machine. Test, profile and optimize code. 

* Develop: Develop and optimize P2P networking layer (go, libp2p).


* Brilliant engineering, math and problem-solving skills (ICPC finalist level).

* Strong experience in one of C++/C#/Java.

* Solid theoretical background and major experience in blockchain development is a plus.

* Results-oriented diligent self-starter with a strong work ethic.

* Motivated to deliver world-changing solutions by solving hard math and engineering problems.


* We give proof that a teammate's life made an impact - LATOKEN share in Nasdaq index and millions in your pockets from vested options.

* Breakthrough technology and Product - Market - Timing Fit.

* Worldwide multibillion users market.

* 2x traders growth CAGR and 4.7 Google play rating.

* Multibillion worldwide market.

* Join us to build the first digital exchange wallet with a billion users.

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