LATOKEN Digital Wallet is growing 35-100% per month on the multibillion money users worldwide market. We made financial account opening as easy as on Instagram. Yet, there are more people who need to manage money rather than photos. We will be bigger than the social wallet.


Each unit and teammate has Realtime OKR which has a direct contribution to overall business goal on platform and get rewarded for achieve target.

  • Main performance number: Unit has Realtime OKR on platform
    Second performance number: % Of Employees decided by the remuneration committee based on the OKR, 360 and 1-1
    Third performance number: % Employees has a mission and OKR on zoom background

  • OKRs Meritocracy : Bonuses are real-time calculated from OKRs and shown on Role pages
  • Transparency : Each teammate has a mission and real time main number on zoom background
  • 360 feedback : Achieve 95% of employees fill 360 weekly and give honest feedback to ensure each sportsman beat records to get a slot in the Olympic team next season
  • 1-1 interview : Achieve 95% of employees has 1-1 interview with HM each month
  • Rewarded : All champions get bonuses, all free riders are fired
  • History : User profiles with a history of all ratings and feedback
  • Problem report : Problem reports are encouraged, sorted out and submitted for compliance
  • Critical Tasks : Critical tasks are defined for each teammate, monitored and reacted if failed

    Requirement skills and experience:

  • Has outstanding hands-on achievements in the process optimization
  • Proficient in MySQL and Python to have analytics at fingertips
  • Process structuring experience 2+ years: BPMN, CRM, ERP development
  • Experience in Big 3 is a plus
  • Do not tolerate lack of logic or mess
  • Demand highest standards for clear and MICE defined roles and OKRs
  • Well-articulated and can discipline teammates to articulate their roles
  • Finalist of a regional Olympiad or MIPT, MIEF, VMK, NES graduate - advantage
  • Creative robust problem solver capable to grow to a product manager or COO
  • Fluent English

Keywords: BPMN, CRM, ERP, Big-3, McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Accenture, SAP


  • We give proof that a teammate’s life made an impact - LATOKEN share in Nasdaq index and millions in your pockets from vested options
  • Breakthrough technology and Product - Market - Timing Fit
  • Worldwide multibillion users market
  • 2x traders growth CAGR and 4.7 Google play rating
  • Multibillion worldwide market
  • Join us to build the first digital exchange wallet with a billion users

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