LATOKEN’s mission is to put financial life at fingertips.
So everybody can use money to bring ideas to life to build the future and be a stakeholder of it.

Internet startups conquered the commanding heights after 20 years since the dot-com bubble. Blockchain is the internet of value - the next wave which outperforms any technology and industry in history. This technology is a game-changer for a vast market of blood and brain of humankind: payments and trading. As blockchain works worldwide: no need for central banks, layers of private banks, or custodians.

LATOKEN is a top blockchain bet on the financial system upgrade.

Bring sprint completion rate 80% in 30 days

Mission description:
*Story: VCTV team needs daily scrum with up-to-date prioritized backlog, role descriptions, and focused OKRs to drive performance. *Goal: Define & agree with CEO 100% of unit & team mates' OKRs in 30 days. *How: Daily check-in / check-out, weekly grooming / retro, backlog review, role description review for hiring, OKR setting & monitoring. *Conditions: 80% sprint completion rate, 100% OKR set & monitored.

Main performance number: Sprint completion rate > 80%
Second performance number: 100% OKR defined
Third performance number: 100% OKR defined

• Scrum : prepare & run daily check-in / check-out, weekly grooming / retro; prioritize backlog.
• Budget : define & monitor monthly budget, sign off on team compensation.
• Roles : draft, review & agree with barraiser & CEO unit role descriptions to hire as needed.
• Product : contribute to developing VCTV show formats, analytics, driving online audience growth.
• Performance : monitor goal setting through OKRs and performance through 360 review & performance numbers.

Requirement skills and experience:

3+ years scrum / agile team lead experience in digital marketing / online media.

Keywords: Search by keywords: "project management" AND "digital marketing" AND "social media" AND "virtual events" Positions: Project Manager Position current/past: Current and Past