Support the growth of users by A/B and other tests and research.

Main performance number: % coverage of automated OKRs reporting

Second performance number: % coverage of the funnel from visitor to paying user by automated reports

Third performance number: % coverage of automated OKRs reporting


• Hypotheses : Launch, support, analysis and reporting of product hypotheses.

• A/B tests : Conducting, analyzing of A/B tests.

• Reports : Presentation of daily, weekly and monthly performances at analytical breakfasts.

• DBAAS : Make databases well structured, unified, fast and easy to access while safeguarding security access levels for analysts, OKRs, debugging.

• Finance : Real-time balance sheet and cash flow reporting.

• User analytics : We know which channels to scale and which conversions to increase as we know users' clusters, cohorts, channels conversions, activation, churn, referral and monetization.

• Funnels : Universal funnel analytics.

Requirement skills and experience:

- 3+ years in analytics of a high pace tech company.

- Experience in mobile product analytics or marketing.

- Proficient in MySQL and Python to have analytics at fingertips.

- Managed developers and can code.

- Data Science, cohort, cluster, channel, funnel analytics.

- Well articulated and can discipline teammates to articulate their roles and OKRs.

- Do not tolerate lack of logic or mess, demand highest standards for clear and MICE defined roles and OKRs.

- Fluent English.


- Experience in trading, payments, investments/audit or blockchain company.

- Finalist of a regional olympiad or MIPT, MIEF, VMK, NES graduate.