LATOKEN is developing a one-stop multi-asset trading platform and our goal is to become a leader in the crypto trading market by entering Top-20 crypto exchanges by trading volume.

We are bringing real assets ranging from equity and commodities to real estate and works of art onto blockchain thus making them tradable in crypto. This way we bridge crypto and traditional economies and make capital flows smarter.

LATOKEN is looking for DevOps engineer.


• Support of infrastructure of the company and the development process via the introduction of modern systems CI/CD, monitoring, logging, database management

• Design and implementation of CI/CD on the TeamCity/GitLab/Bamboo

• Stages of deployment: dev, test, staging, production

• Monitoring and detection of unavailability of services API/Frontend (Prometheus), the alerts system

• Centralized storage for all logs from all systems and services

• Maintaining databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, replication and monitoring of responsiveness

• Support and monitoring of server architecture: Docker, Nginx, Node.js, maintain configuration, load balancing (HAProxy, etc)


• Experience as a Linux administrator for at least 4 years

• Excellent knowledge of git, bash, SSH

• Configuring Nginx

• Development experience in one of the languages: JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, C++

• Experience using at least one CI/CD systems: TeamCity, Networks, Bamboo

• Understanding of the principles of Docker images, experience with Kubernetes, Ansible

• Experience in setting up replication on MySQL/PostgreSQL

• Experience in creating system of DB backups

Ideal candidate

• Configuring HAProxy

• Configuring Redis

• Experience in Nats, Tarantool

• Experience in GlusterFS

• Experience in highload projects, hot server updates

• Experience in working with ELK


docker, kubernetes, rancher, gitlab, teamcity, jenkins, grafana, graylog, ELK, splunk, postgresql, mysql, redis, rabbitmq, nginx, haproxy, confluence, jira, radius, ldap


• Salary $2500 +

• Exceptional bonuses

• Potential token option

• Rapid career growth